Subject SQLWhere Example wanted
Hi, I am sorry to ask a qustion wich most of you will find very
stupid but, for a newbi in interbase it all seems very compicated.
The problem is that there are so many possibility's that make
explaining the way one should attack interbase difficult.
The supplied examples try to demonstrate as many possibility's in one
program so the forrest is not visible for the trees.
In short, i would very much have a simple example of a program that
does something like this :
Open a database with a grid attached, a edit component where I can
enter a name, and then the procedure to search on that name.

e.g. 'select * from ADR where NAME >' + edit.text

In access i can use this statement in the SQL propery.
If I understand it right in interbase I can not do this I need to use
parameters, right ?
But how do I do this as simple as possible.
I looked at the Searchinglinks example, but can not figure out where
the :LAST_NAME parameter is defined.
I would prefere not to use parameters if possible.