Subject Re: OT: Messages Out of Sync
Author Aage Johansen
Please, make "digest mode" a part of the specifications. As I'm paying for
Internet connection time by the minute (and second), being able to
read/write messages offline is important and I prefer "digest mode" (where
one 'mailing' contains up to 25/26 posts).

Aage J..

Marc Leclerc wrote:
Just an idea but I have always wonder why this group could not simply be
run under an IB database and standalone application downloadable from the
IBObjects site. I can see alot of advantages to this, if not the least
total control over it.
Kaputnik wrote:
If somebody has the time to write the application, I would more than
happily provide the hardware to run the db on it.... My machines are
directly connected to the german Internet-backbone via switch (100Mbit), so
speed shouldn't be the problem :-)
Marc Leclerc wrote:
I have no problem at the moment in taking some of my time for this. But
first lets hear from the groups member and owner to see how they feel about