Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Date - sorry!
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Geoff,

Geoff Worboys wrote:
> Are you saying that your copy of the VCL will accept '02-Mar-2001' in
> its StrToDate routine? (If so which version are you using?)

Sorry for the confusion, my copy of the VCL will behave exactly like yours.

It's just that i use the fiCL (my own component lib, ever-growing since D1),
which puts a thin layer between my apps and the actual VCL - and the funcs i
always use are fiStrToDate and fiStrToDateTime, which will actually allow
this... :(( i somehow had in mind that StrToDate would do the same, but
checking my fiCL sources i found it's really my func that adds this
functionality. I wrote this some years ago and now i missed this little
difference... (maybe i should open source the fiCL to avoid this in the future,
but i'm sure my boss is gonna kill me if i do :-))

Well, since IBO of course doesn't use fiStrToDate, we're out of luck here...

(and i'll promise to check for fiCL-free answers in the future! :)