Subject RE: [IBO] Replacing IBOTable properties
Author Ronny Bengtsson

Yes, that must be the way.
I think it would be the Form OnCreate procedure. But is there any way to
make only one script i.e. in the DPR file not in all forms?


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Subject: AW: [IBO] Replacing IBOTable properties

Delphi is very intelligent in its dfm-savings. It only saves values in the
dfm which are different from the default-values of the affected properties.
If you simply drop a table on a DM, delphi will only save the position and a
few minors into the dfm. As soon, as you change things in the
object-inspector, delphi will save them, not earlier.
To test this, simply inherit one form from another one in your app, look at
the dfm, and start changing things in the inherited one to see the dfm grow.

That said, you will have to manually set the property FetchWholeRows to true
in your app. You could also use a small script to parse your dfm's and
inlcude the FetchWholeRows-prop into your dfm's...

CU, Kaputnik
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> Betreff: [IBO] Replacing IBOTable properties
> Hi,
> I'm using GrReplace to make quick changes to my application
> source. But when
> I try to change default values of IBOTables (i.e. FetchWholeRows) the
> default value is True but it can't be replaced because if I view
> a form with
> IBOTables there is no property value for "FetchWholeRows" until I
> have made
> it False, in that case I can se a row with FetchWholeRows = False
> and I also
> in that case can switch it back to True with GrReplace utility
> Anyone who has the answer?
> /Ronny
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