Subject Re: [IBO] Replacing IBOTable properties
Author Daniel Rail
Default values are not initially stored in the DFM, until you change them.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc.

At 10/03/2001 08:46, you wrote:
>I'm using GrReplace to make quick changes to my application source. But when
>I try to change default values of IBOTables (i.e. FetchWholeRows) the
>default value is True but it can't be replaced because if I view a form with
>IBOTables there is no property value for "FetchWholeRows" until I have made
>it False, in that case I can se a row with FetchWholeRows = False and I also
>in that case can switch it back to True with GrReplace utility
>Anyone who has the answer?
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