Subject Re: [IBO] OT: Messages Out of Sync
> Just curious if it is only me and my ISP...

I have been seeing a similar problem - but I think mine is because is still mailing me a digest from last Saturday at a rate now
of one per minute ( I now have 600+ in the trash from last night ). Some
of these are appearing an hour or so out of order, That is they are
downloaded in the order received, and gaps are left which are filed in
some 60 or more messages later ( I can't do anything else until I clear
them, but it has been interesting! )

For the last day I have been batching them up and sending them back to
Robert in an attempt to get him to deal with the problem. I unsubscribed
from ALL list 24 hours ago.

My only option remaining is to have my ISP switch off so that
all traffic is rejected - they will only do all or nothing, a
spam site is a spam site - full stop.

Yahoo seem to be just as arrogant since they have taken over. They only
wanted the mailing list to add to their advertising revenue. If I had
the resources I would certainly look to provide my own - non junk - list

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services