Subject Re: [IBO] FieldsVisible Question
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
my best advice is to stop thinking tables and start thinking queries. For
desktop databases tables are a nice invention, but for client/server they
are a nightmare. It takes time to transfer rows from the server to the
client, so try to minimize
a) the number of rows
b) the amount of information in each row

Use a TIB_Query (or TIBOQuery) and set the sql to something like
SELECT <fieldlist>
FROM <table>
WHERE <somelimitingcondition>
where <fieldlist> includes only those fields you want to display + other
fields you want to process (for these last fields you set visible to
false). Also, try to make the <somelimitingcondition> as limiting as possible.


At 13:24 09.03.2001 -0000, you wrote:
>I have a Table with 150 fields.
>For some grid's I only need 5 fields to be visible.
>If I understand it correctly, I can , in a Prepare_Sql only change
>the FieldsVisible parameter to 'False', I can set it to 'True' but
>this hase no purpose since implicitly all fields are visible.
>So implicitly all fields that are not 'False' will be visible.
>Wich means that I have to set manually 145 fields to 'False'.
>I really hope there is some other way to do this.
>Is there a way to say in one statement that all fields are NOT
>visible, so that I only have to put 5 fields to Visible ?
> with FieldsVisible do begin
> Values['NAME'] := 'F';
> end;
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