Subject Re: Preventing Refresh with IBOQuery

i am not very experienced with using IBO.

i agree with Nando, that different transactions
should help... i am wondering since i thought that
the newly inserted records will not be visible
to your select statement. maybe it will help to
set the transaction isolation to "snapshot", so
no changes in the database will be visible to any
statement executed until the transaction is
committed (i have not tried out, yet ...)

since you seem to copy many records, you should use
an TIB_Cursor for your select statement. As far as I
know the query object will read the results of your
select statement into main memory on the client.

for your insert statement a TIB_DSQL-Object can be used.
the documentation states, it has less overhead.

on the "iboAccess" Tab sheet is a IBDataPump Control,
which looks suitable for your job (i have not been
trying it). Maybe it has a workaround for your problem ?



--- In IBObjects@y..., rnagle@y... wrote:
> I am writing a application to make copies of existing records in
> database (I need to build a really big database for load testing).
> I have an IBOQuery that pulls all the records from one table, and
> connected to another IBOQuery though a DataSource that INSERTS back
> into the table with code like:
> qrySource.Open;
> while NOT qrySource.EOF do
> begin
> qryTarget.ExecSQL;
> qrySource.Next;
> end;
> The SQL in qrySource is something like
> and the SQL in qryTarget is
> The problem I am having is that the inserts from qryTarget are
> appearing in qrySource and the program is going into an infinite
> (well, untill the hard disk fills up anyway).
> Is there are anyway I can prevent my inserts from appearing in
> qrySource?
> I know I could do INSERT INTO....SELECT FROM... but for various
> reasons I don't want to do it this way.