Subject Re: [IBO] ISC error code: 335 544 721
Author Andrew Barton
Was the NT box also the IB server? Sounds like the services file has not
been updated. I recently installed firebird and found it did not modify
this file on the install, it needed to be done manually.


Add a line that says

gds_db 3050/tcp



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Subject: [IBO] ISC error code: 335 544 721

> Created test program on one NT box. Compiled it and moved it to win
> 98 machine in network. When I startup program I get the following
> error:
> ISC ERROR CODE: 335544721
> unable to complete network request to host "hp_epc1"
> failed to locate host machine
> undefined service gds_db/tcp
> I put in an IP address entry in the hosts file. It made no
> difference.
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