Subject Re: [IBO] Restore problems
Author Geoff Worboys
> sorry to go a little off topic, but I have a problem with
> one of my customers attempting to restore a backup of one
> of their databases. When they try this they get a primary
> key violation on one of the tables, which is rather
> confusing when restoring what was a good DB. Has anyone
> else had similar problems? If so, any advice would be
> greatly appreciated.


You are more likely to get appropriate responses on the IB_Support
list. See for details.

I did post a message here a while ago warning people to test their
backups. Interbase has had some nasty history with gbak in recent
years and no one should be presuming that their backups are always
valid. (Not that this helps you now.)

If you need this particular backup, you should probably try and
restore without indexes - then fix the particular problem and
backup/restore again. But dont take my word for it, you will be safer
asking on the IB_Support list to see if anyone has had similar

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing