Subject TIB_Quert property Ordering Items
Author Mike Hickman
I am working on my first project using IB using Jasons Getting Started Guide
as a manual and am stumped using the Order By paramaters of the TIB_Query
I would like to set the Order By action ar run time allowing the user to
select from 2 choices

Jason states
"At run time ,you can set the properties SQLWHERE and SQLORDER to fill in

If I manually enter an ORDER BY statement in the strings property I have
returned a correct result.e.g
Order By BookRef

Correct dataset returned

I then delete the Order By Bookref stastement then I follow Jasons
suggestion and enter the following code in the Beforeprepare event


Then prepare and open the query. The resulting data is unsorted.

What am I missing ?
Should I be setting the OrderingItems,OrderItemNo or OrderingLinks
properties ?

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