Subject Re: [IBO] Master/detail relationship
Author Geoff Worboys
> I use the third query for fast incremental searching, because my
> master table has too many colums and it is slow for incremental
> How to setup the ralationship for the third query, that when I
search the
> master table (with the Search method) I get the results in third
> table also diplayed and when I incremental search the third query i
get the
> resulted row so when the user want to see it I can display the row
from the
> master table.

Not sure if I fully understand what you are doing, but what about...

The third (incremental searching) table setup as the master of your
current "master" table. So when you incremental search, the record
change will automatically select the appropriate record in the full
master master query.

When you set the form/queries into search mode (see the MasterSearch*
options), the search will be applied against the top master (the
incremental search) and should give you what you want - I think :-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing