Subject RE: [IBO] Memo in Grid
Author John Tomaselli
Thanks, that's just what I wanted!

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Memo in Grid

If your Blob is Subtype 1, than it is easy....just set EditLinksAuto to true
in the Grid, and the grid will display an ellipsis for every text-blob in
the dataset. Clicking on the ellips will open a memo-like blob-editor.

If you only meant the ability to show the content of the blob in the grid
itself, you will set the gdtShowTextBlob property in the DrawCellTextOptions

CU, Kaputnik
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> Subject: [IBO] Memo in Grid
> I have seen messages mentioning the ability to display a memo
> blob field in
> a ibo_grid, much like a dropdown lookup or date. I have not been able to
> figure out how to set this up and would appreciate some help.
> John

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