Subject Master/detail relationship
Author Zoltan Hubai

I have a question about setting up a master/detail relationship with
TIB_Query component.

In my application I have 3 tables, a master table, a detail table with
one-to-many relationship to the master table and a detail table with
one-to-one relationship to the mater table. In my applictions I setup three
TIB_Query components, and I linked the detail query to the master query with
the mastersource property and with the masterlinks property and it works
fine. I use the third query for fast incremental searching, because my
master table has too many colums and it is slow for incremental searching.
How to setup the ralationship for the third query, that when I search the
master table (with the Search method) I get the results in third detail
table also diplayed and when I incremental search the third query i get the
resulted row so when the user want to see it I can display the row from the
master table.

Sorry for my English.