Subject Re: [IBO] EditMask
Author Geoff Worboys
> I have a EditMask 99:99 for my Domain D_TIME defined in
> the IB_Connection, but I want, that some fields with this
> domain have the editmask 99:99:99. I thought, when I use
> the editmask from the IB_Query, it would overwrite the
> settings of the IB_Connection, but it doesn't work.
> Exists a way to overwrite the fields-settings of the
> Connection ?

It should work as you describe, but at the dataset level you must
define the new edit mask using a field name NOT the domain name. The
domain definitions are only used at the connection level.

PS. I cannot remember exactly what I said in my previous posting on
this issue, but I just checked the code and the effective order of
searching goes...

Search statement Fields* for Table.FieldName
Search statement Fields* for FieldName
Search connection Fields* for Table.FieldName
Search connection Fields* for FieldName
Search connection Fields* for Domain
Search connection Fields* for sqltype


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing