Subject Re: [IBO] Question about TIB_DataSource and TIBOTable
Author Geoff Worboys
> I am curious as to why there is no TIB_Table component and
> why that the TIB_Datasource cannot use the TIBOTable component.
> Can anyone offer any help as to how I can display the contents
> of a table in a TIB_Grid?

There are two sets of IBO data access components.

The ones named TIBO* are derived from TDataset and are designed to
operate as close as practical to the equivalent VCL components. If
you use these components you must use TDataSource from the VCL - and
only VCL data access components TDBEdit, TDBGrid, or third party
components designed to work with TDataset/TDataSource such as

The ones named TIB_* (generally referred to as IBO native components)
are the base/original access components for IBO. If you use these
components you must use TIB_DataSource and the various TIB_* (native)
controls. (Note that the TIBO* components described above use native
components internally.)

The IBO design is optimised for client/server. Original VCL
components such as TTable were designed for use with desktop databases
like Paradox, and to try and make database implementation as easy as
possible for new developers. If you were developing client/server
applications with the original VCL components you really should not
have used TTable anyway - it is not efficient or appropriate to the

Jason provided TIBOTable simply to make it easier to migrate an
application to IBO. For best performance after migration TIBOTable
should really be migrated to TIBOQuery or similar so that you can
setup the query to only retrieve those columns actually required.

If you want to use TIB_Grid, you need to use TIB_Query and
TIB_DataSource. Place the desired query in TIB_Query.SQL and connect
everything up.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing