Subject Why fetch all the records
Author Rohit Gupta

that doesnt answer teh question. WHy does the table do that.... it does not
make it compatible with TDataset. And If I knew I had to change all teh
forms I wouldnt have switched over.

We do have extensive search capability, but this is the way our clients liek
things, they have for the last 15 years with DOS and CPM proggies.

Since when does it become logical to change the app to suit the foibles of
the tools ? :-)

Anyhow, the problem still remains... its isnt just the main table. some
forms have 6/7 tables - the dratted thing fetches all records in most

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Strange TFieldTypes

> > It would appear that when using TIBOTable on a form view, the beast
> > all the records from the database.... this is silly. how do I stop it.
> > Some forms take minutes to open up as compared to sub-second response
> > btrieve.
> When opening a form...
> Why show the user records they have not asked to see?
> Why force a user to navigate among records to find the record they are
> interested in?
> What works better is to use native IBO's search mode capabilities. Have a
> search panel and a grid. Go into dssSearch mode and allow the user to
> in simple search criteria for the record they want to see. Then they post
> search mode and it will show them matching records only.
> Saves on bandwidth and user eye strain both.
> Jason Wharton
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