Subject Family, was: AW: [IBO] I put out a patch of changed files in full source area for those who want to test...
Author Jörg Schiemann

Jason said

> Actually the past few months I have tapered off to where I am getting good
> sleep and spending more time with the family. No worries folks.

Only some thoughts ...

I know, sometimes it's very hard to stop working and spend some time with
the family (or only with yourself).
It's easy to come in a doom loop. I don't know how it's with you, at least I
feel so.

But the time with your family is very important because one day your
children goes their
own way and if you had spend too little time with them, they won't spend
time with you anymore.

So, take the time they need,don't say tomorrow because the time goes fast
and doesn't come back.
The time with your family is invaluable, enjoy it (I'm sure you do).


PS: I will try it, too. :-)

> The 5am thing is probably because I was up with one of the kids and
> in on things or I was having a spell of disturbing dreams. You know,
> rhinoceroses everywhere and you don't know where to go and your feet are
> stuck in the mud... <g>
> Cheers,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ