Subject Re: AW: [IBO] I put out a patch of changed files in full source area for those who want to test...
Author Jason Wharton
Nick said:
> >Go and get some sleep...according to my time-zone-calculator, it is 2am
> >there in Arizona.
> >
> >The last thing I would like to see is, that IBO is being discontinued
> >because the author has a nervous breakdown :-)

Set said:
> 2am IS Jason getting to bed early. Less than a week ago, he answered mails
> until 5:21am (Query Plan in the IB-support list) before going to bed, and
> his first answer the next day was at 9:01am. That is, I don't know when
> Jason sleeps, but I guess he slept parts of these 3:40 hours.
> I've stopped worrying over Jason's health - he's made of different
> than the rest of us. I just hope and believe he doesn't think we expect or
> demand him to be as active in supporting us as he is, and that he can
> and take time off with a good conscience.

Actually the past few months I have tapered off to where I am getting good
sleep and spending more time with the family. No worries folks.

The 5am thing is probably because I was up with one of the kids and checked
in on things or I was having a spell of disturbing dreams. You know,
rhinoceroses everywhere and you don't know where to go and your feet are
stuck in the mud... <g>

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ