Subject Re: [IBO] Help with TIB_Image
Author Steffen Nyeland
Look in <IBO directory>\AddOn\ ;-)


Damian Dowling <it-manager@...> on 26-02-2001 11:17:26

Please respond to


Subject: [IBO] Help with TIB_Image

Hi all,

I just have two questions:

1. I was wondering what kind of image types the control TIB_Image supports,
e.g. JPG PNG ????

2. Can the types it supports be expanded to include others?

The reason i ask is that i am going to store scanned images in interbase
and i need to find the image type that is the best at compression - so far
PNG seems to be best for greyscale, hence the above questions. If anyone
has done this before could you point me in the right direction?


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