Subject Re: [IBO] Reporting Tools
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Remember that you can use RB with the TDataset derived IBO components. I do
that all the time and I cannot see any problem on this approach since TIBO*
are based internally on the TIB_ comps, what means = you get almost the
same performance on retrieving data using TIBO* comps.


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MJ> Paul, thanks for your input and my apoligies to the list for taking this in this forum.

MJ> I feel that Reportbuilder is worth some testing. What is the status of using native IBObjects in Reportbuilder and what version of RB should one go for? (Standard, Pro or Ent)

MJ> Using RB without any ODBC for IB sounds like a good idea.

MJ> Thanks again, Magnus

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>> I have used Crystal since the version that came with VB 2.0 so I feel
>> I can comment on it, good or bad.
>> > Time to time this question comes up and always FastReport and
>> > ReportBuilder comes up. I have used Crystal Reports a couple of years
>> > now (since ver 3.5 or something) and I like it very much, soon it's
>> > time for me (as new to IBObjects and IB) to start digging in on
>> > reports. My thoughts so far at the moment is to go for easysofts ODBC
>> > and Crystal. I hesitate a little because there is not many that
>> > mention Crystal Reports in this community, are there any of you that
>> > can share any knowledge about Crystal Reports vs other reporting
>> > tools?
>> Crystal reports is really good at some things, and really bad at
>> others, it requires that the developer and DBA know each other really
>> well, because a sensible data design, and the linear format Crystal
>> wants are usually different. I once created a report using over 150
>> formulas, because of the data formatting issue.
>> >
>> > I don't like all dll's that comes with Crystal Reports but thats
>> > something one have to take I guess because I like it a lot!
>> >
>> That is another thing, it seems that every function has it's own DLL,
>> however that means the memory footprint is absolutely huge, and you
>> need a 800lb Gorilla like BDE or JET to access the data, and that
>> makes it even worse. My preferance is to use Crystal for adhoc
>> reporting, but not for embedded printing in a commercial application.
>> Having said that, I have yet to see any RAD reporting tool, that
>> works well when embedded in an applcation.
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