Subject Re: [IBO] Reporting Tools
Author Geoff Worboys
> Are there any Reporting Tools available or in the works
> for IBO?

A few available...

ReportBuilder - supports IBO using special pipeline. I use this
product but have mixed feelings about it - it is very comprehensive
but not very fast.

FastReport - apparently it is possible to get native IBO support in
the registered version. I've never tried it, but apparently it is
well named.

> Anyway if someone has one in the works I am interested in
> becoming involved.

I have looked at a product called HTMLReport. There are also some
interesting HTML template components around, all of which operate on a
similar basis. It seems to me that this would be really neat way of
producing reports.

So while I do not know of any projects creating IBO specific reporting
capabilities - I do believe there is room for such a project. I would
encourage anyone considering this to take a close look at HTML/XML
implementations and think about the advantages these offer.

I would consider starting something like this myself, but at the
moment I am rather snowed under with other committments.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing