Subject RE: [IBO] PessimisticLocking
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Guido, before I smack you for offending the IB engine :-) you should
understand that optimistic locking is not a bad thing since other engines
struggle to offer it. See how MsSql advanced from the dumb v6.5 to the v7
and now v2000 and implemented optimistic locking, for example.
Interactive work assumes two people don't work generally on the same item.
Having two clerks handle the call from the same client at the same time is
not a good idea. As far as two requests don't clash in the same item, no
problem. It's not very different than saying that two people don't fill the
same printed document at the same time.
You could follow your question from the general perspective of user
experiences in the ibdi list (how they benefit or have problems with this
behavior) and if you want to pursue the technical internal details, you can
go to the ib-architect list.


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> Sent: Lunes 12 de Febrero de 2001 22:02
> In my opinion 'PessimisticLocking' is a fine feature of IB_Query,
> because it says the users, that someone is already editing the record
> BEFORE he starts to edit the record. I only wonder, why this feature is
> not property of a Interbase-Transaction, because I don't think it's very
> userfriendly, to say a user AFTER editing a record, sorry someone was
> faster, try it again later.
> The developers of Interbase will surely thought about that and they
> decided not to implement it. But I don't see the reasons for this, can
> anybody explain it to me ?