Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Quick Report
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Frank, I have a full license to QR Pro. It's all I need for my needs. Since
the code is not public domain, I won't comment on details... only I will say
that this is just another commercial product where the quality of code is
amateurish in some places.
Personally, if QR doesn't meet my needs in the future, I will switch to
anything more powerful but not Rbuilder, since I don't need such 800lb
gorilla that eats the small memory of some of my clients and due to that
fact it runs slightly faster than a snail.
I'm not saying that QR is good. Even the professional version has one of
worst documentation I've ever read and they never go out with the new
promised help file. The workaround file is bigger than the help file. :-)
But I don't need ultra-advanced features, it uses moderately low memory
amounts and I haven't reached the level where one starts to see only AVs.


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> From: Frank Ingermann [mailto:frank.ingermann@...]
> Sent: Viernes 23 de Febrero de 2001 16:22
> i'm afraid your suspicion is totally correct: the TQRDBText ctrl has a
> Print() method, and it has the following lines in it:
> if (Field is TFloatField) or
> (Field is TCurrencyField) or
> (Field is TBCDField) then
> FPrintCaption := FormatFloat(Mask, TFloatField(Field).Value)!!!!
> This of course gets Delphi to look at the wrong VMT to obtain the
> GetValue entry point... typecasting the way it's *NOT* meant to be!
> :-((
> (btw. they do this the same way for all integer & datetime fields!)