Subject Re: [IBO] I need help with TIBO and QuickReports QRDBText.Mask
Author Jason Wharton
> I am just fixing some tiboquerys that I use with teechart. It was giving
> error of:
> "type mismatch for field 'xxxx' expecting 'Float' actual:Integer. ". I am
> using persistent fields, because I need to use with teechart, it's more
> easy..

Why are you using TIntegerField components with something that a float field
is preferred for?

The BDE stuff had a bug where with InterBase that it would declare a
TIntegerField for a NUMERIC( 9, 2 ) column. This was an error then so I
wonder if this is a carry over from that?

If you are using persistent fields then you simply should change them to
TIBOFloatField components.

> I have to search in my forms, erase this column with problem from
> FieldsEditor and fill it again.
> After this my field that was TFloatField changes to BCD field.

If you are using persistent fields the change in IBO that made it prefer BCD
over float should not have affected you. IBO knows how to resolve float and
BCD to all of the underlying column types.

> As you said, I will have to change all again with the next release of IBO.

You shouldn't have to. I'm making this as flexible as possible. Things
should have been fine if QR didn't throw this awful curve at us.

> Is that right?

Another factor that can have a play is what version of Delphi you are using.
The VCL has changed over the years in these regards.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ