Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IBO and NT service
Author Jason Wharton
I plan on writing a simpler example that will show how to use the base class
for a service application that I have now. The way I have done my service
should make it super easy for people to do all kinds of stuff.

Perhaps you would be interested in seeing it when it is finished too?

The base class is done, but I don't want to release the code from my
client's app so I am going to make a simple demo base class that shows where
to add in all the hooks at.

I would be curious to take a look at your code to see if perhaps what you
did is unique from my earlier attempts.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Re: IBO and NT service

> > > Not if you call ServiceThread.ProcessRequests in your while
> > not Terminated
> > > do ... loop.
> >
> > I did that and it didn't make any difference for me.
> > Everything worked fine
> > but it still had that quirk.
> That's interesting because I'm just writing a NT service using IBO in the
> default service thread and I don't have this problem. I'll keep you
> if I can reproduce the problem or solve it. Thanks for that information.
> >> The next issue is dealing with the asynchronous behavior
> > Keep in mind there's more going on in my service than just
> > events. I tried to get a simpler model working but it never
> > satisfied me. I am confident what I have now is the most
> > flexible and robust way to do it.
> I agree that a more robust solution is needed for complex applications,
> is only a simple SMTP e-mailer (asynchronous, using F.Piette's ICS)
> the database every x seconds, sending out e-mails and flagging records as
> "notified". It seems so far that I can get away with the simpler method in
> this case.
> Cheers,
> TOndrej
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