Subject RE: [IBO] Re: IBO and NT service
Author Ondrej Kelle
> > Not if you call ServiceThread.ProcessRequests in your while
> not Terminated
> > do ... loop.
> I did that and it didn't make any difference for me.
> Everything worked fine
> but it still had that quirk.

That's interesting because I'm just writing a NT service using IBO in the
default service thread and I don't have this problem. I'll keep you informed
if I can reproduce the problem or solve it. Thanks for that information.

>> The next issue is dealing with the asynchronous behavior
> Keep in mind there's more going on in my service than just
> events. I tried to get a simpler model working but it never
> satisfied me. I am confident what I have now is the most
> flexible and robust way to do it.

I agree that a more robust solution is needed for complex applications, mine
is only a simple SMTP e-mailer (asynchronous, using F.Piette's ICS) polling
the database every x seconds, sending out e-mails and flagging records as
"notified". It seems so far that I can get away with the simpler method in
this case.