Subject AW: [IBO] Reporting Tools
Author Gerhard Schober
Report Builder Pro is the Reporting tool I use in my projects.
Very easy, very powerfull, less coding.

see []

Gerhard Schober

DevCon Engineering
Principaliyt of Liechtenstein
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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2001 04:58
Betreff: [IBO] Reporting Tools

Are there any Reporting Tools available or in the works for IBO? I
konw if I use the TDataset compoents I can use the QuickReport
components. However I would prefer to go native IBO and so far the
only thing that is missing are report components. I cease to be
amazed by the breadth of what IBO can do... I just discovered the
export component... that saved me a days worth of work (or more).

Anyway if someone has one in the works I am interested in becoming

Thanks for any info,


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