Subject RE: [IBO] Newbi / create database in delphi5
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
- You can create an script and submit it through TIB_Script. This component
is demonstrated in the free IB_WISQL that exists in the ibobjects site. The
script can contain all the definitions for database entities, including the
command to create a database.
- You can launch IB_WISQL and specify a path, then hitting the CREATE DB
- You can call TIBSession.CreateDatabase, the method is defined at the
ancestor TIB_SessionBase object. You don't need to create a session object.
It will be created if you have some IBO components in your form. You can
use, for example
where IB_Conn is the IB_Connection you are using to bind all data aware
components to your db. It's documented in the IBO help file.

See LangRef.pdf and OpGuide.pdf in the IB documentation that's in zip format
if you need more about IB syntax.


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> Subject: [IBO] Newbi / create database in delphi5
> sorry to disturb the gourou's
> i am a newbi at interbase (coming from access)
> where can I get a sample program to illustrate me what is the corrct
> way to create a database in delphi5 using the IBObjects
> also opening a existing database would be helpfull
> i just want a sceleton program, no fancy stuff
> since i transferring a big application (150 units) from access to
> interbase, i want to be shure that i start the right way (the propper
> way)
> thanks aforehand
> lee