Subject RE: [IBO] Explicit transaction and FK Violation
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Helen Borrie [mailto:helebor@...]
> Sent: Sábado 17 de Febrero de 2001 6:58
> You said:
> {IB folklore says do this to avoid a bug. Haven't found a good
> reference to this bug.}
> It's not IB folklore. It's a bug that has been around since v. 5
> and wasn't fixed in v.6. I believe Claudio has tabled it in the
> Firebird bug tracker.

According the Jason (probably the first one that noticed the problem a lot
of time ago), you need a remote server plus a stored procedure that has at
least one output parameter.
Well, about one month ago or more, I tried to reproduce the issue to no
avail. It never failed. Maybe I need a true remote machine and not my own
machine through TCP/IP.
The fact is I gave up because I never could get a case that I could see to
fail, believe me. I requested some working (or should I say failing) example
and nobody replied. Hence, reporting an issue that I can't see is not a good
help nor a hint for firebird developers. Now I see Helen reported the issue
at Firebird. Sorry, Helen but your report is very general: an example of a
stored procedure plus some detailed steps to do in the client are much
better for people that understand where to look in the sources. I understand
you didn't go further due to Andrei's previous report. Anyway, I hope others
can see the problem easily. I couldn't. I'm not sure if Andrei's post refers
exactly to the same, but the description "goes out of sync" seems to go in
the same direction.