Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and NT service
Author Luiz Alves

> > Does someone has a sample of a NT service using IBO?
> I do but it is going to be released under trustware as a separate module
> with 4.0. I just finished it up last week. This thing took me quite some
> time to figure out since the docs on it are rather sparse. The code
> look like much now but it surely doesn't represent all of the growing
> I had to endure to get it there.
> What do you think I should affix as the partial and full levels of
> licensing?
> I was thinking around 50 for partial and 100 for full...
> I will also have simple replication and full text searching modules
> available soon too.
> Comments appreciated.

I guess reasonable, but which will be the difference between partial and
Do you want to say full to all modules that you done including replication
and searching modules?