Subject Re: [IBO] IBO VirtualTree [Trustware]
Author Jason Wharton
> At 11:25 17.02.2001 -0700, Jason wrote:
> >Here's the breakdown in percentages that I think are appropriate:
> >
> >Marketing: 30%
> >Support: 25%
> >Documentation: 20%
> >Development: 15%
> >Admin: 10%
> Jason, I think you underestimate the value of your own skills. Sure,
> documentation is important and it isn't the strongest side of IBO, but
> development is more important and time consuming. So I think development
> ought to be valued higher.

These are a reflection of where money needs to go to build a successful
product. Most of IBO's development work is done and it has suffered some on
the other areas. I would like to see where we can really end up if more
attention is given to some of these other areas.

What I want to accomplish here is get the trustware concept rolling full
steam ahead. I am perfectly willing to invest all of my development efforts
in IBO to make this more feasible. I am not in a total loss situation here

> As for marketing: It is only valid for new sales. 30% for new customers
> be OK, but once introduced to IBO marketing is not why customers renew
> their licence and anyone marketing should not receive anything for
> (or are you talking about the percentage of income used for advertising?).

This is a good point that I will consider.

Keep in mind that the marketing side of this covers a lot of things for the
resellers to accomplish. For example, any local taxes, cost of invoicing and
order processing, sales staff, their expenses in adding IBO to catalogs,
web-sites, etc.

Marketing is special because it will be the resellers who are actually
collecting the money and then passing on the appropriate amounts for the
rest of the system.

I think what people would like most from IBO right now isn't as much new
development as it is better documentation and support as well as a more
saturated market penetration.

If you have opinions otherwise, feel free to share them...

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ