Subject RecordCountAccurate woes
Author Ron Pacheco
This is a more detailed description of the problem described by my
earlier message.

I uninstalled IBObjects, went back to the original unmodified source
for 3.6.C and built and installed it. Opened Delphi 5, dropped a
TIBOQuery on the form, hit the run button, and the program aborts
trying to read the TIBOQuery.RecordCountAccurate property. The
same problem occurs with TIBOTable. I repeated with this scenario
with the latest subrelease, 3.6.Cf, and the same behavior occurs.

I found RecordCountAccurate in IBDataset.pas. In both versions of the
code, RecordCountAccurate is published by TIBODataset from which
TIBOQuery descends. This property shows up just fine in the object
inspector at design time for both TIBOQuery and TIBOTable.

Why can this property not be found at run time? Please help!



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