Subject RE: [IBO] interbase udflib vice mer udflib
Author Josipovic, Nick
Hi, take a look at IBWorkbench.

It doesn't claim to be an expert, but it is definitely good. It is lacking
some 'expert' features of other tools, but is has a very intuitive and fast
to use GUI, which will let you work more productive as other tools.
It is still in beta, and as long as it is not stable, the developer is not
so impertinent to charge money.
With IBWorkbench, you don't have to pay to beta-test the software :-))

(look at )

Nick Josipovic
Corporate Market Intelligence

Phone: ++49 6227 762945

> You are right there Helen. Now, it works for me the way I need it. :)
> Try as an exercise to debug your procedure in 'IBExpert' and you will
> get stuck.
> The 'Expert' after all does not seem to be as much experts as
> they would
> like to be. At least they should not attempt to charge professional
> licensing fees for an immature product!
> Even worse. They better let go of the very alienating idea to
> force the
> user to have software bound to a particular machine! In a large
> corporate machines change and/or move but not necessarily the
> person(s)
> that still do(es) the same job. Database design that is.
> I am trailing 'IBExpert' since a few days. It's an
> interesting tool yet
> it still has miles to go.
> Cheers
> Johannes
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