Subject Re: [IBO] interbase udflib vice mer udflib
Author Jay
"Claudio Valderrama C." wrote:
> Why do you assume that Mers' udflib is a replacement for the one
> that ships
> with IB? Did you read that in Mers' pages?

That is at least the way it comes across by reading mer's documentation.

I run SS IB6 on eDesktop 2.4 as server using the standard udflib,
ib_udf, and an own written udf lib.

The reason why I had a look at mer's udflib is I need a 'diffdate' which
I did not find so far elsewhere. I need the number of days between any
two dates as in 'diffdate = abs(date1 - date2)';

Or the other option is to write one. I actually wrote it but the
compiler keeps on complaining to be unable to find 'isc_decode_date'.
All the bit's and pieces are in place. The server runs excellent without
any problems since months without a booboo.