Subject RE: [IBO] interbase udflib vice mer udflib
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Jay [mailto:johannes@...]
> Sent: Sábado 17 de Febrero de 2001 22:49
> Is it safe to use mer's udflib instead the one which comes with IB6?
> Any experiences out there in this regard?

Why do you assume that Mers' udflib is a replacement for the one that ships
with IB? Did you read that in Mers' pages? As I remember, at Mers there are
at least two libraries: freeudflib by Greg Deatz (the same than I fixed and
posted at my site recently, aimed at Windows) and UDFLib by Mers that's
targeted at IB4 for Linux. The udflib that comes from Borland with IB6 is
(or was) offered in the same platforms than the ones supported by commercial
versions of IB5.X (less Novell, where it was compiled inside the engine).
To see a listing, go to
and read about the different UDFs offerings in their own "UFD" category.
They aren't intended to replace among themselves, because they are
different, even though they may overlap in some functionality.