Subject Re: [IBO] Explicit transaction and FK Violation
Author Jason Wharton
Calling StartTransaction is only necessary when you want to take explicit
control of transactions. This really only has to do with the logical unit of
work aspect and not necessarily the physical aspect (meaning whether there
is a transaction handle brought to the client).

Where StartTransaction comes in handy is if in most circumstances leaving
the transaction in AutoCommit mode (which means after each dataset posts
there is a SavePoint generated) and you want to suspend that behavior and
allow multiple posts to be held within a single logical unit of work. This
is the main use of calling StartTransaction.

The InTransaction property is only true when StartTransaction has been
called. These two are tied together.

Calling Commit does not Unprepare statements. If you know you are not going
to be needing a statement any longer calling Unprepare is a very good thing
to do for both the server and the client.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Explicit transaction and FK Violation


Do you have to call "StartTransaction", or does IBO this for you ?
Because I never call this method and everything seems to work fine. Maybe
you could explain me the advantage of this ? And is it necessary to call
"Unprepare" for a query, or is a hard "Commit" enough ?

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Nico Callewaert