Subject DataPump Prepare

I have had an anoying little niggle that I have just sorted out.

I have a DataPump set up with a simple 'local' destination.

The Source is set up to copy a group of records, then amended so that it
selects a particular record ( and multiple detail lines ).

The bulk pump worked fine, but following pumps were intermittantly

The Destination Cursor was being Prepared, then the Source for the bulk
transport. Following that the Source was changed and Prepared again to
allow the new param to be used.

What I have found is the I need to Unprepare the Destination Cursor and
Prepare it again after the source has changed, but it's SQL does not

Should this be the case?

PS. Have you any comments on the fact that I can't use '*' in these
queries if I set SchemaCacheDir - as detailed on a previous post. I
still have one query that will not prepare if the SchemaCache is on, but
have not had time to look closer yet.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services