Subject Re: [IBO] Enable search to ib_grid
Author Jason Wharton
I hope I cleared up everyone's confusion surrounding searching in the grid.

Earlier I said it wouldn't support it but I was referring to dssSearch mode.

The searching Jarek is referring to is incremental searching and it should
still be working just fine.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Odp: [IBO] Enable search to ib_grid

> Well, this funtionality was added a long time ago. My old project when i
> it was build with IBO version 3.4.Ch. If you have changed nothing it
> work. I try to make some example with current version and check if
> in IB_Grid works now. I try to describe how to use it too (with my poor
> English :-))
> Jarek