Subject Re: not broken...
> > Hello,
> >
> > has anyone yet succesfully downloaded and unzipped
> > the from the Files section?
> >
> > just downloaded it, but i get an error (invalid zip file)
> > when trying to unzip it :-(( and i'd really like to have it...

> I've downloaded it and it wasn't broken.
> If you want, I can mail it to you.
> Jörg

i just tried again on a different machine, different os, different
ISP - at least i found the reason i couldn't open it: the file was
truncated at 2800<something>k.
Strange - this 2nd try didn't work either... same problem: the
download dlg just disappears after 85% - so i suspect the file must be
alright, but my connection isn't... :-(

Anyway, it would be very kind if you could mail it directly to me
(since each attempt costs me loads of time here...)

thanks a lot,
fingerman (frank.ingermann@...)