Subject RE: [IBO] MessageFile - simple tests
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Sorry, Leos, I took so much to return to this email; more below:

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> From: Leos Urban [mailto:leos.urban@...]
> Sent: Jueves 1 de Febrero de 2001 5:06
> Hello,
> I have some new informations about MessageFile property of IB_Connection.
> I copied original english file "interbase.msg" to "cs_cz.msg" and put the
> new file into INTL directory of IBSERVER installation (the INTL
> directory I
> found in sources of IB, this directory is required).

All localized things go there (for example, the collations) but I didn't
realized that the messages files had to be put in such directory, too.

> Then I overwrote some messages in file (from english texts to
> czech texts),
> I did not have any utilities for it.
> I tested TIB_Connection.MessageFile - no success.
> I wrote very simple application in C - no success.

The problem is the API; I warned you that it was broken. This is not the
only broken feature in IB.

> Second result:
> When you set environment variable LC_MESSAGES to "cs_cz", it works!
> Returned messages are from intl/cs_cz.msg file!
> But you need set it in environment BEFORE you run application because..

There's some predilection for environment variables in IB. Remember you can
specify even the user and pw in such variables.

> Third result:
> when I set this variable in Delphi, it does not work.
> (IBO already has open the GDS Library?)

Yes, IBO already opened it in the constructor of TIB_SessionBase because a
default session is created in the initialization section of
IB_Components.pas by creating a dummy component. If you can make your code
to be executed before the initialization of IBO (I don't remember if this is
possible, due to the rules for initialization sections, maybe in the DPR
file) then you will get the desired effect.

> And one warning: Firebird does not contain correct libraries
> for MSVC C development, I used older from Borland distribution.

Can you explain more? If Firebird got them from Borland, I don't understand
how they could be radically different.