Subject Asking for suggestions
Author Leonardo Quijano

I'm writing an application in Delphi 5 with IBO, and I have one

I get one frame, put some controls in it, and use it to control
one table (for example 'Person'). I would like to use this table as a
place to save general data about people (name, address, etc).
Several tables would use this (maybe the 'Employee' table,
'Customer' table, etc); that's why I can't just put all the people fields
in the 'Employee' table. It would be redundant.
I do want to put a form with all the frames involved (A customer
form where I put the info of the person AND the info specific to
customers, for example). I open one transaction for all the queries
involved, and that's fine. When I have to post, I get the person ID
and put it in the customer table (so the referential constraint
doesn't jump with an error); and that's fine too.

The problem appears when I have to put a LIST of things in the
form. For example: I have a 'Client' table, and a 'BranchOffice'
where I put all the places where the client has offices.
When I'm adding places to the form, I would like to see a grid
with the info i'm adding to the Client. But I can't really post every
insertion of a BranchOffice because it requires the 'ClientID' info.
But I don't have a ClientID (because I haven't posted the Client data
The whole idea is to let the user add info to a master and a
detail form at the same time. I was doing this with Cached Updates
on the detail query in IBX, but the problem is that even if I don't
want a referential constraint error on every BranchOffice posted, I
would like to check for other constraints (primary key, value
checking, etc). Is there an easier way to do this in IBO?

If I have to use cached updates anyway, the CachedUpdates
property of IB_Query works the same way as IBX's do, right? Or is
there a more powerful version of this property in IB_Query?

Thanks for any suggestion
Leonardo Quijano