Subject OAT-Handling
Hi IBO-Profis

I'm just fighting with the OAT-Management of my app. I don't want to use
the TimeoutProps of IB_Transactionen, so therefore I have to do this on
my own. How recognizes a transaction, that nothing happened to the
datasets for a period of time? I mean no post and no scrolling. Now I do
a commit in the OnPost-Event of the datasets, but it would be more
comfortable, if the transaction could react on the post, so I have not
use the all the OnPost-Events, but one OnPostDataset-Event, for example,
of a transaction. But how to find out, that no post and no scrolling has
been done to the datasets for a period of time. And what then, should I
do a commit or a pause to the transaction ?
I just want to know, how you have realized this, in your applications.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.