Subject Re: OT: 257 metadata changes (was: [IBO] Interbase / Delphi stored procedure)
Author Lucas Franzen
Christian Gutter schrieb:
> Jason,
> is it every 256th metadata change (in general) or
> can each object be changed 256 times until you have
> to backup?

255 changes per object (table, stored proc, trigger; but altering a
trigger active / inactive will count, too)

> I have heard about this issue and I thought it was
> referring to each object.
> And what happens if you do 257 changes?
> Database corruption?
> IB retires and goes home?

Good idea :-))

No, you'll get an error (I forgot the correct message) that no more
metadata-changes are allowed.
So it will just fail. No database corruption, no disk-formatting, no
other magical things will occur.

In this case do a backup and restore and start all over again....