Subject Re: [IBO] AutoCommit
Author Jason Wharton

> > If there are no other factors to prevent it from doing a hard commit
then it
> > will do a commit instead of a commit retaining.
> What factors could that be ? In my testapp, I have only one Query with a
> from one table and one transaction with AutoCommit true. When I edit and
> the dataset, the OAT stays the same. I see this on the statusform.
> But when AutoCommit is false and I edit and Post the dataset and then do a
> commit, the OAT-time starts by 0.

If there are no other edits pending then the cursor may not be at EOF.

If this test app is simple enough, perhaps you could send it to me for a

I think it would be good to review this all again being that it is some very
critical stuff to make sure is working right.

I'm glad you are doing all this!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ