Subject Re: [IBO] AutoCommit
Author Jason Wharton
> Is it right, that AutoCommit uses internally a CommitRetaining, so that
> when AutoCommit is true and I post a dataset, the transaction will be
> committed, but the OAT will stay the same ?

It depends.

If there are no other factors to prevent it from doing a hard commit then it
will do a commit instead of a commit retaining. Just one other part of
automatic OAT handling that IBO does for you.

In truth it actually does a SavePoint rather than a CommitRetaining. The
only difference here is that when you call the SavePoint method it does not
require all datasets in the transaction to post any pending changes. Calling
CommitRetaining does require datasets to post their changes.

The reason these are different like this is because I don't consider that
calling SavePoint actually defines the single unit of work (even though it
effectively does).

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ