Subject Ib Objects Question
Author Ricardo de Siqueira Feitosa
Hi Jason,

We are having troubles while using parameters with IBObjects.

We are developing a Client/Server application, where:

In the Server side, there's a remote data module with three components:
a TIBODatabase, a TIBOQuery and a TDataSetProvider linked to the query.
The Query's sql statement is:

"Select * from MyTable where Code1 = :Code1 and Code2 = :Code2".

The params "Code1" and "Code2" are both of Integer datatype and Input

In the client side, there's a datamodule with a TDComConnection, a
TClientDataSet linked to the
Server TDataSetProvider and a TDataSource linked to the ClientDataSet.
There is still a form with
a DbGrid which will show the ClientDataSet result set.

In the Client application, the code is:

DComConnection.Connected := True;

with ClientDataSet do
Params.ParamByName('Code1').asInteger := 146;
Params.ParamByName('Code2').asInteger := 30;

Executing the application, there are three questions to consider:

1 - After opening the ClientDataSet, it returns empty (recordcount = 0),
but I'm sure that there's a record
with these two values (Code1 = 146 and Code2 = 30) in my Database.

2 - I tried to open the same query passing only one parameter (Code1, for
instance), and everything is ok.
The query returns the records with Code1 = 146. Why the IBObjects doesn't
work when passing two or
more parameters to the Server and why it works when passing only one
parameter to it?

3 - I tested the same application using the InterBase Express, and
everything is all right.

I hope you can help me solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. I am a registered user of IB Objects full source code.

Ricardo de Siqueira Feitosa