Subject BUG - IBO 3.6cf stops Masks in QuickReport fields
Author Michael L. Horne

IB WI-V6.0.0.627 IBO 3.6cf

I found after installing the new version IBO 3.6cf that all my
currency fields on QuickReports.TQRDBText that used a Mask ("#.00")
where printing out their field name instead of the data. I tracked
it down to a change in "IBDataset.pas" where the following was changed

Version IBO 3.6cd IBDataset.pas line 1982

NewDataType := ftFloat;
if ( SQLType = SQL_FLOAT ) or
( SQLType = SQL_FLOAT_ ) or
( SQLType = SQL_DOUBLE ) or
( SQLType = SQL_DOUBLE_ ) then
NewDataType := ftFloat;

Changed to Version IBO 3.6cf IBDataset.pas line 1993

if ( SQLScale >= -4 ) then
NewDataType := ftBCD;
NewDataSize := 8;

I am not sure what should be done to make it work correctly, but
replacing the change with the original code makes my reports
work. That might not be the right solution but maybe Jason or
someone will tell us the right thing to do.

Michael L. Horne