Subject EMS QuickDesk now available
Author Vadim Vinokur
Dear Sirs,

EMS QuickDesk is the most popular InterBase Administration and Development

The newest build of our product ( is available at

In this version:


1. Export As Insert module had been rewritten. Now you can export data
into SQL script from Table Editor, View Editor, Procedure
Editor and SQL Editor. Also you can add CREATE TABLE statement
to output script.
2. Environment options dialog: New page "Templates" was added.
Now you can customize default names for
triggers and procedures from table.
3. All Editors: Now you can change case of selected text.
Use Ctrl+Alt+Up for convert selected text to upper case,
Ctrl+Up+Down to lower case or Alt+Up/Alt+Down to toggle case.
This commands are also available from Editor's popup menu.
4. Now you can create new domain from Field Editor.
5. SQL Editor->Export Data: Now you can select the fields for export.
6. Data Export: Now you can customize fonts for export to RTF and
Microsoft Word.
7. Data Export: Multifile export to HTML and index file creating
now available (see HTML Options -> Advanced).
8. Create Procedures from table: Creation algorithm was improved
and popup menu for fields list was added.
9. Table Editor: Two new shortcuts were added.


1. Fixed bug with Enter key in procedures from table editor.
2. SQL Builder: fixed bug with date values.
3. Fixed something small bugs.

Best regards,
QuickDesk development team.
EMS company, 2001