Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Newbie Performance Question
> We get a lot of slow-downs and disconnections, which I attribute to
> something BDE-related as the server is rarely anywhere near 100%
> utilisation, whereas the clients are usually under fairly heavy load.

Until I got rid if BDE I could not get away from continual database
growth. Finally biting the bullet ( after deciding against 6 months
earlier - too difficult? ) and switching to IBO the growth problem cam
under control.

> (It could also be a network problem, as the network has a weird
> arrangement where there are lots of switches, but no routers or hubs)

IB6 has killed my problem of open connections caused by network breaks.
They all get closed now. But we have finally got British Telecom to
admit ( after 9 months ) that their Frame Relay network has NEVER beens
set up properly and they are currently re-programming every
router/switches - so don't believe your supplier if they say everything
is correct.

> Obviously, this is the wrong way to go about it if I just want to
> plop in the IBO components instead of the BDE ones. The result sets
> are generally not interactive, so I will try using TIB_Cursor and the
> others. In the end I may have to bite the bullet and change the
> application's structure (shudder).

Just ploping in is the right approach - it gets you a stable base which
can then be optimised where it is needed first. We have been
'firefighting' for the last three years, trying to get a stable
platform, and it is only this year we have finally achieved it.

Our Windows 3.1 systems have not stopped in the last 5 years - what Y2k
bug? I wish we could have stayed with that! I will get down to writing a
history of our problems.

Firebird + IBO = Stability

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services